Moments of Motherhood: Natalie

Trigger Warning: infant loss
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Today I want to talk about Natalie. The amount of strength she has is amazing. Part of her story includes the loss of her son at 15 months old. I want to highlight her today, as child loss is often swept under the rug. But let me make it clear: losing a child makes you no less a mother. There is no one who can tell her story better than her, so I invite you to check out her Instagram, @mycomfortjourney.

How many children do you have?
One, sweet Graham

What is your favorite part about being a mom?
The feeling of loving a tiny human that is yours and watching them develop and grow – with all the “firsts” that go with it. 💛

Have you always wanted to be a mom?
Nope, that changed when I got married

What was your birth experience?
Pretty easy (and medicated 😉)

What frustrated you in the beginning that later became something you missed?
All the times Graham would wake up randomly at night. Sometimes he just wanted to be held and feel close to me. Moments I think about and treasure 💛 Although I don’t miss the sleep deprivation myself ha.

What is something about motherhood that you will never forget?
That is is the hardest work but also the best. It is a privilege to be a parent.

How has being a mom affected your work? Work being a mom?
It made it easier in some ways (there is more structure to life with daycare drop offs and pickups) but harder emotionally because you miss things.

What is your favorite resource to share with other moms?
Two books: Blessing Your Children by Mary Ruth Swope and Momistry by Patty Noel

What about motherhood surprised you?
Honestly? It made me realize I had a lot more dying to self to do. 😆 But also how the Lord helps us in the day-to-day if we’ll just invite him in!

What is something about motherhood that completely took your breath away?
How much your heart explodes when they say “mama”

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