Cornelia Fort Airpark Pregnancy Announcement

There have been so many babies this year, but being able to help friends with their announcement was such an honor. You are already so loved baby A!”

I was thrilled when my friends asked me to do their pregnancy announcement photos. We decided to shoot at the Cornelia Fort Airpark in Nashville, TN. Even though it was a cold, cloudy day, we toughed it out on the open runway.

Since this was their first baby, they wanted to capture the special moment they found out they were expecting. I thought Cornelia Fort would be the perfect rustic backdrop for their vision. The mom-to-be rocked a cute dress and boots to stay comfortable. We didn’t need any blankets to stay warm thanks to adrenaline and excitement!

The expansive runway allowed us to get really creative with angles and perspective. Airplanes always remind me of new adventures, so it seemed fitting for this growing family. I love how the runway lines draw the eye through the photos.

My favorite images showcase the parents holding up the ultrasound photo. The pure joy on their faces as they share their news is so heartwarming. You can truly see their love for each other and this new life they’ve created.

As a photographer, it is such a privilege to capture these milestones for families. I strive to tell the story honestly and artistically. Pregnancy announcements are always extra special because it is the first chance to document their expanding family. I know these images will be cherished by the parents and baby for years to come.

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