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You know that feeling when you find out your family is growing in a whole new way? That rush of excitement, anticipation, and maybe even a little shock? That’s exactly how the Beltran family felt when they learned baby number three was going to be their first son! After two beautiful little girls, a blue bundle was an amazing surprise.

When it came time to announce his arrival to the world through photos, the Beltran’s knew they wanted something different than a typical studio newborn session. They felt those bright, posed shots wouldn’t capture the true essence of first-time big sisters meeting their baby brother or the cozy joy of bringing him home. So they invited me into their Spring Hill, TN home for a lifestyle newborn session instead.

From the moment I walked through their door, it was clear this was a family who embraced life’s unpredictable, unedited moments. Mom and dad were completely at ease, smiling with tired relief as their newest addition slumbered peacefully. And the girls? Well, they could barely sit still, grinning from ear-to-ear as they waited for their turn to smother their tiny brother with hugs and kisses!

As we moved through their living spaces, capturing his first days through the window’s shifting natural light, I felt like a houseguest more than a photographer. We laughed over the challenges of shooting in moody brightness and shadows.

More than just portraits, I think these lifestyle newborn photos authentically capture Beltran family’s transition into their newest dynamic. The moody mood highlights their down-to-earth lifestyle and ability to embrace life’s curve balls (like suddenly needing way more shades of neutral green in the house!). And the pops of light and connection show their bond is strong enough to weather any storm, big or small.

I’m so honored I got to be a temporary part of the Beltran home during this incredible season, documenting all the surprises – good and bad – that came with their newly expanded family. Moments like this are why I do what I do!

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