Rainy Outdoor Newborn Session | Murfreesboro, TN

Newborn photography is arguably one of my favorite things. This sweet little man was such a trooper. Mom, dad, and I raced a thunderstorm and ran through the rain to take his newborn pictures. We found a cute front porch at a park in Murfreesboro and decided to go for it! My favorite part of this session was leaning into more cuddles and keeping things simple since all we had was the porch.

Newborn sessions are always such a special time as a photographer. I love capturing those tiny little hands, toes, and wrinkles before they start to disappear. Even though there was rain coming down around us, this little guy was perfectly content snuggling in mom and dad’s arms. The covered front porch provided a nice shelter from the rain and allowed us to still get some great newborn photography utilizing the soft natural light.

One of the biggest challenges with newborns is making sure they are comfortable and happy. This little guy made it easy on me by snoozing contently in his swaddle the whole time. We got lots of great shots in a short period of time before he was ready for a feeding.

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